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Why Is This So Hard?

You were so excited to rest in your own bed, eat food from your own refrigerator, use your own toilet and shower and lounge on your couch while your body healed after childbirth.

But things have glaringly changed.

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Fill 'Er Up: The Practical Guide to Setting Up Your Breast Pumping Station

You breathe a sigh of relief that all is calm and NOW you can begin collecting your precious “liquid gold” to feed your baby. You plug in your breast pump, sit down in the chair beside your bed, hold the flanges to your breasts, turn on your breast pump and begin to listen to the rhythmic tune of your breast pump.

Cue baby crying.  Now what???

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Let's Talk Dirty: The Messy Truth About Babies

Does anyone really tell you about these things? Does anyone prepare you for projectile pooping or the infamous “fountain of pee”? How about the smell of baby spit up that saturates your clothes, the baby’s clothes, bedding and burp cloths? Do they talk about the mountains and mountains of laundry? Or the constant Googling or Pinterest saves offering guidance for cleaning solutions and how to use them?

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