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Professional Postpartum Support for Today's New Parents
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Postpartum Doulas

Meet our team of professionally trained postpartum doulas. We are a group of caring, nurturing women who provide exceptional comprehensive, individualized postpartum recovery support, as well as, newborn/infant care and infant feeding support services through baby’s first year. We support the whole family as you transition with your new baby.


Our Family of Postpartum Doulas

Family Tree Doula Services has assembled a team of professionally trained, independent postpartum doulas who are experts in the care of families during the antepartum and postpartum periods, as well as, your baby’s needs from birth through their first year of life.

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Members of the Family Tree doula team believe that quality care and customer service is paramount in providing the best possible postpartum support. We communicate with each other from one shift to another, so you and your baby receive the ultimate in continuity of care. We believe this helps you develop your confidence and skills as a parent and provides your baby with stability as we help you navigate this transitional period.

We all have a strong “family first” philosophy and understand that not all families fit in the proverbial “box”. We provide individualized support based on your family’s particular needs.

We are excited to welcome you to our “family” and provide you with a team of nurturing, dedicated doulas.

We’re here however you need us, for as long as you need us!

Let us know how we can support you.